Yacht Stewardess/Steward Recruitment

VIBRANT YACHTING is one of the most competent agencies in yacht Stewardess/Steward recruitment

Yacht Stewardesses / Steward Recruitment

VIBRANT YACHTING is one of the most professional agencies in yacht stewardesses/steward recruitment.

Yacht Stewardesses / Steward

The stewardesses work together as part of the interior team. They will coordinate all aspects of the interior of the yacht; service, housekeeping and laundry. They report directly to the Chief Stewardess and make sure that the interior is always kept to the highest standards.


– Assisting the chief Stewardess with guest service, meticulous cleaning of the entire interior of the vessel, laundry, bartending and meal service

– Making sure the crew area is always kept clean and tidy

– Restocking all fridges and helping with crew laundry, inventories as instructed by the Chief Stewardess

– Helping on deck if necessary

In order to apply for any of our positions please send your documents to crew@vibrantyachting.com and one of our consultants will be in contact shortly.

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